Porch, Wine & Gravy

Jolie Meaux 

I was born and raised in Cajun Country so my love of cooking has roots that run long and deep. Anybody who knows me knows there are three things I can't stop doing: being a mother, cooking and talking. I have cooked for friends and family for as long as I can remember and lived a pretty interesting life in between. I have had many careers in my life spanning from a bartender in New Orleans to Realtor in Lafayette. Through this all I cooked. No matter how broke or how small my kitchen was, I cooked. About three years ago I started a Sunday Supper, a group that meets most every Sunday to eat, tell stories and get in some good laughs. After decades of recipes and stories I decided it was time to share with everyone the things I've learned about cooking and the wonderful people and stories of my life and theirs. Now there is no rhyme or reason to our suppers. Sometime we have themes like Thai or Cuban and sometimes we just have the good ol' Cajun staple of Rice and Gravy. This blog will reflect that. I am not a professional chef, writer or blogger so please excuse any mistakes but I am one hell of a researcher and obsessive when it comes to recipes so it should make up for my foibles. Recently I had the honor to cook for Anthony Bourdain! So look for Porch,Wine and Gravy on June 17,2018  in "Parts Unknown" on CNN.


Jolie Standing