Creamy Chicken Fajita Soup/I just need milk

Creamy Chicken Fajita Soup/I just need milk

You know what I realized today? That I am a sucker. I fall for this genius trick that marketers have come up with to get your money. The credit card pitch, commercials, the clubs and such invented to snag your email and then harass you for years etc. I have resisted them somewhat successfully for a while. I have my "no thank you" lines memorized and ready to go before I even get to the checkout. But, it’s the charities that get me.

I know that most of the money doesn’t go where it’s supposed too. Every year I make a point to donate responsibly to charities I have researched. Why then do I "guilt give"? Today was the worst one yet. “Would you like to buy … to save a child’s life? It’s only $5". I mean what am I supposed to say to that? “No Thank you, the death of children doesn’t concern me.” They have you trapped. If I say no to "would you like to save a child's life” what happens? Is that a mark on my soul? Will this come up at the Pearly Gates? I show up ready to get my wings and the gatekeeper looks at my paper and nods his head in disappointment. 

“Ma’am we would let you in but you turned down saving a child's life,” as he slowly turns around a picture of little Johny whom I decided wasn’t worth five dollars.

“I didn't turn down saving Johny’s life, I just needed a gallon of milk and I shopped there all the time so I couldn’t give every time”

“So you turned down saving multiple children's lives." 

I’m guessing this is the moment the ground opens up and I go plummeting toward the fiery depths of hell all because my damn kids keep drinking all the milk.

My very adult solution for this is to make Lucius do all the checking out at that store till the testing of your soul fundraiser is over. Yes, I understand he is now risking eternal damnation but if we let me do it we will either be completely broke in a couple days or living off gas station food. I do worry about him. You should see how nonchalantly he says "not today." How does he not worry about the eternal damnation of his soul? I could say it's because he is less crazy than me. Nah, I am going with I am obviously a much better person. 

So you should all thank Lucius for this recipe since he was forced to risk his soul multiple times to get the ingredients to make it. Yes, I am that annoying person that forgets a least three things but remembers in increments. 

  • Some side notes. You can add black beans and corn to this if you would like more veggies. I omit them because I have too many picky people (or maybe it just me but you can’t prove it.)

  • I use my homemade fajita seasoning, but I won’t tell anyone if you use the store brand.

Creamy Chicken Soul Saving Soup.numbers
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