¡Vamos a Cuba!

It all happened suddenly. Everything came together just right and now I am on a plane to Cuba.

I have always wanted to go to Cuba. The music, the food and the landscape has always interested me. Also, not gonna lie, the fact that travel there was restricted made me wanna go even more.

I have great friends ( I have mentioned this before, right) and they do crazy, wonderful things like go to Cuba on a mission to bring musical instruments, strings and parts to the musicians of Cuba. It is still very hard to get things that we take for granted there.

This trip will take me to Havana for a few days then to Trinidad, Cuba for the rest of my 12 days. I will be cooking (shocker) a dinner or two there and most of all learning, learning, learning. I will keep you posted with photos in the coming days. Stay tuned!

Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad, Cuba

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