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This week I got the terrible news that my best friend Robin was admitted to the hospital. If you read the blog you know how much I depend on this woman to maintain my sanity. We find out she has a leaking aneurysm along with two additional aneurysms. Obviously this put  me in a tail spin of googling for hours, you know, just in case I need to save her or the doctors need my advice. I did discover how important it was that she went in when she did and how keeping control of aneurysms is paramount for keeping her alive and healthy.

With one aneurysm treated it was onto the medicine needed to control the others. Thank God for doctors and nurses and their diligence in treating her. Then the cost her medicine was brought up. I couldn’t believe how much! How does someone who has a moderate income ever afford that? She can’t go without it. So something had to be done. 

Now, Robin has never been one to ask for help. I get it. I am the same way - too stubborn for my own good. So when she agreed to a Go Fund Me, I knew just how serious this was. I was even a little hesitant for her but I would walk naked through a sea of 20 twenty something models for the people I love. A Go Fund Me  and fundraiser was decided and organized by another amazing friend and woman. Jamie Ruth had that shit done in record time.

I have never been part of a Go Fund Me before and so far I have learned quite a few lessons.   

I am so glad I never insulted a Go Fund Me out loud. Now, I have thought some mean thoughts but knew insulting any fund raising was a cess pool I didn’t want to step in. Don’t get me wrong, I still  judge the ones for what I consider things that should motivate you to start a savings account - your trip to the L.A. or new tires are not really going to motivate me to donate.

You look like an asshat calling out Go Fund Me campaigns. Maybe the people in their group don’t mind helping out. They could actually enjoy it. It says more about you then them. Why so angry Nancy? You afraid you don’t have friends that will donate? Hmm I wonder why? It can’t be your angry bitter personality? Who are we to decide who should give money or not? I am never going to do it but you know what else I won’t do? Make that public. Here is some advice - just move past it. Don’t like it, don’t share it and don’t donate. Problem solved. 

Unbeknownst to me, people who only  like  Go Fund Me posts  make me furious, - like a yelled so loud the dog hid under the table mad. Who are you?  Why?  What is your thought process. Hey I see your friend or child is severely ill and could die I like this so much. I am not going to donate or even share it. I just wanted you to see I enjoyed this information. I am sure this is an innocent mistake but damn for an over thinker like me I can’t handle it. 

Not a new lesson but for sure one I need to learn on a daily basis. Most people are full of bullshit. So many favors over the years with the “if you ever need anything blah blah blah”. Hey, I need you to press the share button on this, it takes like 10 seconds. Remember those hours you spent crying and not listening on my porch? Yeah, like that, except almost 100% shorter and less painful. How about that time you asked me to help find you a job?  Remember all those phone calls and texts? Similar to that but its just one and all the work has been done for you. 

The best lesson though is that their are some amazing people out there that will take the time. Even if they don’t have money, they give their time. I am sure I am being over sensitive since I am personally connected to this one. That being said, I already made it a point to share Go Fund Me’s of people I know personally and now I will try harder to look longer at the ones of people that are just Facebook friends. It is sad we have to do GO Fund Me’s but that’s the world we live in now. I am still not donating to your much “needed” self care vacay but I will try to judge you less. To my friends and family who donated, since I am unable to express emotion correctly is person this is my thank you. Thank You for helping my friend. A donation to her is a donation to keeping my crazy far far away from y’all. 

Strawberry Honey  Oat Bars
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