Chorizo Burger with Chipotle Mayo & Roasted Poblano Peppers

Super Simple Sunday!

Chorizo Burger! I like mine with Chipotle Mayo and Roasted Poblano peppers. This seemed like a good Sunday to focus on bringing back Super Simple Sunday than that other thing going on today. 

1 lbs Ground Beef 

9 oz Mexican Chorizo

1 tsp salt 

1/2 cup mayo 

2 tbsp Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce

4 Roasted Poblanos, remove seeds and  skins and slice 

Combine beef, chorizo and salt. Mix thoroughly. Form mixture into 4-6 patties depending on the size you like. Grill patties 3-5 minutes on each side till desired temp. Put burgers to the side and too with cheese, if desired. Combine mayo and chipotle sauce. Serve burgers on toasted buns with chipotle mayo and roasted poblanos.