General Primo's Chicken

Okay, I admit it, I love that lady in the mall passing out those free samples of that cloyingly sweet "Chinese Chicken". Yes, I also order the combo and pretend its for just the 6-year-old while I proceed to cut her chicken into small bites all the while eating half myself. I knew I needed to have a good reason to re-create this at home. Then it hit me pepper jelly.

It's sweet and spicy and if I used local ingredients I was supporting my community while enjoying my guilty pleasure. One of my favorites is The Framer's Daughter Fig and Habanero Pepper Jelly from Primo's Peppers. It is one of the few pepper jellies that actually have flavor other than just sweet, it also has an actual kick to it. It puts the pepper back into pepper jelly. I made four pounds of this chicken and it was gone in minutes, I even had to make it again the next night to satisfy the teen girl masses I cohabitate with. Since this is homemade with quality ingredients it sooo much better than the Chinese take-out. Sorry y’all this might ruin you for ordering delivery again. Consider this a Louisiana version of General Tso’s Chicken that you get from the restaurants. Since the Primos are the reason behind the delicious pepper jelly that makes this dish a winner we decided General Primo’s chicken would be the perfect name.

Gen Primo Chicken.numbers
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