Deviled Eggs / We Are All Just A Little Dumb

Deviled Eggs / We Are All Just A Little Dumb

What is it about aging that makes us forget the stupid shit we did?

I see all these Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers getting all up in arms about the Millenials and Gen Y’ers. Yes, I don’t agree with everything they do but I can’t sit here and tell me we were some amazing generation that did no wrong. The Tide Pod thing? Yes, it’s stupid. But do you really think a whole generation is eating Tide Pods? I seriously doubt that the majority have even tried it. It’s more human nature to think “That looks like it tastes nasty, I am going to go ahead and pass”. I vividly remember friends of mine snorting nutmeg because someone said you could get high. I then watched them gag and cry from the after effects of being dumb. Or the stage of daring boys to put an Epilady down their pants. This by the way never ended well. We did all this stupid shit. We just got to do it amongst our friends and not in front of everyone on social media. Our stupid wasn’t trackable but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

You remember JNCO’s? We did that and y’all know it. Every generation has its contributions, some good some bad. We had some great musical contributions In Generation X but we also had Limp Bizkt. How did we fight social injustice and the atrocities going on around the world? I don’t know about y’all but my group mainly donned our flannel and Doc Martins, smoked pot and sat around being very apathetic about it all.

If eating Tide Pods is stupid, well isn’t sitting at a table consuming peppers that are going to slowly destroy your insides and cause you immense physical pain just as stupid? Not only do we not judge these people, we celebrate them. We gather in large groups to watch them shove one dumb decision after another in their mouth and we cheer them on. Think about that. If someone said “Hey eat this pepper it may put you in the hospitable but just try it” an intelligent response would be “No thank you I like my pain to be a surprise.” Yet, there are people who do this frequently by their own choice. They choose to do something that could be used to torture prisoners of war. Just recently at the Bourdain thing, he told me about one of his crew ending up in the hospital and he himself being in severe pain for days, all because of Nashville Hot Chicken. This is an intelligent man, who knows what extremely hot peppers could do and yet he did it anyway. Does that mean that I believe that everything he does is stupid? No, we all do dumb things we regret. Find me one person that hasn’t done something and thought immediately after “Well that wasn’t the best decision I have ever made”.

Leave them alone, y’all. We all did and do stupid shit. We are just are lucky enough to only have some pictures that can easily be thrown away. Poof! Just like that, all the proof is gone. One day the Tide Pod eaters will have to take their children to the doctor because they decided that the “Chugging Dish Detergent Challenge” was worth it. They will have to reflect on their stupid and call their parents and apologize. I am more scared of older people with fully formed brains and years of knowledge making these poor decisions. You knew better and did it anyway, now that's truly disturbing. 

You will never regret eating these deviled eggs. Inspired by my potato salad that always gets decimated at parties. A closely guarded recipe for decades. It came to be one day, when I thought, "What if I could make my deviled eggs taste like this?" It worked and now they go even faster at parties. 

Deviled Eggs.numbers
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