Easter Pie / Strange Traditions

I have a lot Easter memories, some of those stand out more than others.

My Dad started a tradition of cooking a rabbit every Easter. Something I continue with my kids. Now I know some of you out there are like, “That’s terrible, you cook the Easter Bunny? Your poor children.” First, you're entitled to your opinion but my children seem to be surviving just fine. Second, we are a family of smart asses so anything that gives us any sort of chuckle or is irreverent we are going to do. I mean we have a car mascot. His name is car baby and he’s sacred in our family. My girls love our weird traditions - rabbit at Easter, fruitcake doorstops for Christmas, sushi after an aquarium, car baby, car pig.... they are weird but their ours.

I do see that explaining these to future partners may become awkward. Honestly though, if you want to be part of this awesome crazy you have to accept us for what we are. It may not make sense but the laughs will make up for the insanity. Also, what’s truly weirder? Me cooking rabbit (a normal protein here) or me telling them to believe in a magic bunny that shows up overnight and lays plastic eggs in my yard and then convince them it’s okay to grab them with their bare hands and eat what’s inside. In what other situation would I allow my children to think it’s okay to grab strange objects in the yard left by who knows and then allow them to ingest their contents. Never that’s when! I yell at them for picking up barrettes on the store floor. Then add how all this related to Jesus... How do even explain that? I tried once. My 4 and 5-year-old were looking at me like I have lost my mind and answered, “Okay Mama” then they looked at each other like “Well she’s finally lost it - we have actually driven her crazy.” This from people who believe that animals can be detectives traveling through time, solving mysteries. So If we are going to keep on teaching our kids about magic egg-laying bunnies then I’m going to keep cooking Rabbit Sauce Piqaunte.

I’m not ready to receive the wrath of social media bullies if I post Easter Bunny recipes so I decided to share this recipe instead. It is not a quick one. It’s relatively uncomplicated but so f’ing good. It’s like a Lent is over explosion. All the cured meats and cheese wrapped in a black pepper savory crust. If this doesn’t wow your family and friends, you may want to consider a different group to hang your hat with.

Jolie Meaux

Easter Pie.numbers
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