Pork Mazemen (Brothless Ramen) / Who’s the worst on Facebook.

I Believe that Facebook can be a good thing but like anything else it’s best in small doses. I have had to start limiting how much I can even look at at. I love seeing friends lives from a distance. I can see how they kids are growing up. I still get to experience their humor and spirit from afar. We can’t travel easily and without Social Media I would lose contact with a lot of loved ones that I truly value. On the other hand there are parts of Facebook that make me want to yell at my screen and can seriously effect my mood in a negative way.

1.Why? Why do people argue on Facebook? What’s the point? Two people who barely know each other spend hours going back and forth on a subject they will never agree on. Ooh and boy can they get nasty. It’s truly upsetting to see how easy people can go that low. Throwing insults at someone they never met, things they would never say in person. Do you not think about how that may affect that person? It makes me disappointed in my fellow man that they hide behind their computers, a true lack of courage. Remember when these arguments happened at the bar or kitchen table? Sure people argued but at least you got the benefit of getting drunk in the process. In all my years of bartending I saw numerous heated bar debates. You know what I barely saw? It turning into an insult slinging contest. Why? Because if you called a women a bitch or slut, a gay man a fag, a young man a pussy snowflake or  a older gentleman a piece of trash just  for having a different opinion I would have kicked your ass out for being disrespectful and I would have had a small army backing me up. It wasn’t tolerated that was considered going to far. Debating was fine, attacking someones character was not. How did most bar debates end? Usually with a drink and a toast to a good conversation, damn sometimes they even hugged and agreed to disagree. In the end your both still human beings and deserve to have your opinions and some respect. 

2. How about those people that ask a question on one of your posts and don’t get an immediate answer? So they start hounding you with messages and infuriated comments. Damn, what do you have lacking in your life that you are exhausting this much energy on age of a fridge or where I ate lunch? Not all of us are glued to the screen. I mean we maybe, I don’t know, could be working or caring for our children. You're right I should have told my kids. Sorry girls I left you stranded at school but Mr,Hoo-haa over here really needs to know where I got my new dishes. 

3. Ugh, the joke ruiners. They drive me insane. My post was obviously meant to be a smart-ass comment. Thank you Captain Information for chiming in and educating me. First of all, stop being a fun sucker, some of us just want a good laugh. Second, what makes you think I need to be educated by you. I guess all those years in college were a waste, I should have just called you since you hold all the knowledge the world has to provide. You can call it mansplaining but I have to say on Facebook this seems to be an equal opportunity situation.

4. The grammar nazis. You know who you are. It’s a Facebook post. Usually written quickly on my phone. I’m not applying to be a Rhodes scholar here. I don’t think the people at Pulitzer have me on their short list for nominations. I get it bugs you, well your 8000 posts about your dogs bug me, I manage to control myself and keep my comments to myself. 

Now I realize I could just get off Facebook and all my problems would be solved. So I guess I am the worst Facebook type of all. Complaining about something that I inflict on myself. Well y’all you know what they say “ Go Big or Go Home”. 

What does this have to do with Mazemen (also called Dry Ramen)? Absolutely nothing. Unless you share this recipe and proclaim it the most authentic Ramen you can find, then just watch the insanity ensue. Make yourself a bowl of Mazemen, pour yourself a glass of wine and troll away. Honestly is there anything more selfishly satisfying than starting a Facebook Riot? (Yep, this pretty much solidifies I may be the worst type of Facebook person, ah well at least you can’t say I’m a quitter.)

Jolie Meaux

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