Blue Cheese Dressing/Just don't drink it

Since I just wrote my longest post ever, I’d though I would keep this one short and sweet. I just happen to have a short story about Blue Cheese dressing. 

During my Decatur street days I would spend my days off visiting my friends at their bars.One of my regular stops was to eat at Cafe Angeli and visit my friend Luke. During one of my visits Luke brought up how much I liked Blue Cheese dressing. I exclaimed “ Like I don’t like Blue Cheese I love it, so much I could drink this whole thing”. Luke holds up the dressing carafe and says “Really ? I dare you too.” Well I was still young and dumb and would never back away when challenged, without a word I picked it up and drank it all. The look of Horror on Lukes face was worth the gut wrenching pains that followed. I have grown up since then and realize me ingested large amounts of dressing is in no way worth the side effects and I can do smarter things to prove how determined I am. 

Side note: It was a small carafe I did not ingest 16 oz of salad dressing. 


Jolie Meaux

Blue Cheese dressing.numbers
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