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Today I take a break from my usual stories, smart-ass remarks and all the things that aggravate me. One of the reasons I started the blog was for my girls. I thought even if it's not successful at least I will leave something behind. A place my girls can go to see my recipes, a virtual version of the old tattered recipe boxes that we all cherish. Just in case as I age and my memory goes they can still read my stories and hear my voice as I rant about my annoyance for the day. I promise this will only be a once a year thing, we will resume our regularly scheduled program after these words from our sponsor.

For Mothers Day I wanted to share some advice I give to my girls that I know they will forget as they grow up and the carefree days of childhood turn to the triumphs and disappointments of adulthood.  

To my beautiful girls,

Look for the few. I've wondered many times what to pass on to my girls and debated with myself about what is the best advice. After many years and many thoughts, I think it is this. There will be a lot of people that come in and out of your world. Some good some bad a lot of times you won't know the difference. Many come into your life promising love and friendship only to disappoint you. Don't give up my beautiful girls for there is a silver lining, a reason you go through the pain. This reason is those precious few. The ones that truly love you. The friend that answers your call and lets you cry with no judgment. The love of your life that when you are at your worst picks you up and says they love you anyway. These few are the reason the others exist, to teach you to know the difference. Remember to love the ones who love you, give them your time and your love because they truly deserve it. You will make mistakes you will love the wrong person, you will pick the wrong friend. If you do nothing else, recognize your few, Love them unconditionally with an open heart. Be nice to everyone but be committed to your few. For they are the ones who will be there when life isn't pretty anymore, and neither are you, they are the ones who love you at your best and your worst. If I could wish anything for you, it's that you find them early and understand how important they are. Your Mom took to long to know her few, and she suffered for it. Then these three beautiful people came into my life and taught me how to require more. You girls are part of my few and what a gift it is to see you grow up and become the woman that I always wanted to be. You are amazing beautiful souls that deserve to be surrounded by people as wonderful as you are. Please if you remember nothing else remember that your Mom only wants you surrounded with the love that she feels for you. You are my most important few, my beautiful and strong girls, you will never disappoint me, if you are true to yourselves then you will always make your Mama proud. So always be kind, always be strong and always take care of the people who take care of you. Know your few and love them with all your heart for there is nothing greater than loving those who love you.

Love you more than my luggage,



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