Cajun Pork Butter / Shark In A Tree

"Shark In A Tree” 

This what you will hear from my girls if I ask them what they want at a restaurant. It all started when I would take my two toddlers to the zoo in New Orleans. We always finished our day at the St. James Cheese Factory. A mecca for all cheese and cured meats. My chubby three-year-old could not get enough of "fancy" cheeses and cured meats. One  day the counter worker came over and asked,

"What can I get ya?” 

Before I could say anything a tiny voice booms out

“A shark in a tree, with lotsa pig!” I look down at my precious toddler who now has her brows furrowed in a look of determination. 

“Mae, what do you want?”

“Shark in a tree”

“A what? Honey, I don’t know what you are saying”

“Shark in a tree! Shark in a tree! Shark in a tree!”

“Honey, I’m sorry I don’t know what you want”

She balls her little fists, stomps her tiny fat feet and stares at me like I am a complete moron. She calms down enough to mutter to her obviously challenged mother.

“ Shark in a tree, with pig, cheese, and the wittle pickles”

At this point the guy starts laughing, “I think she is saying charcuterie,” he points to someone else's charcuterie board and asks. “This?”

Relief washes over Mae’s face as she says, “Yes, with lotsa pig.”

That day she got the best charcuterie board they have ever made and every time we went back in he remembered her as the “Shark In The Tree” girl.

We still call them, “Shark in a Tree.” And it’s rumored that some restaurants will yell to the kitchen, ”One shark in a tree,” every time they are ordered. 

It’s not proper but come on, don’t you now want to go to a restaurant and say, “We would like one shark in a tree sir,” then just sit silently while he walks away in confusion.

You can make your own “Shark in a Tree” with this rillette as one your "lotsa pig" offerings.

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Pork Butter.numbers
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