Bahn Mi Meaux / Grumpy Round Cajun Man

If you want to see my fiancée get mad buy him a Bahn Mi sandwich.

"It’s the only thing I see him eat with anger."

I’m not sure why he even orders them anymore. I can only assume it’s because on paper it’s everything he loves - pork, fresh veggies, Asian flavors, and spice all wrapped into a perfect package. It’s the only thing I see him eat with anger. Every bite is followed by a complaint.

“Why is the bread always so hard?”

“It’s like they tried to take all the flavor out of this.”

“Who even eats these things?”

Well, I can answer that - you do. You are literally eating one right now. Lunch always ends with a tiny nub of bread on his plate and his grumpy pants on. It’s one of the few times he’s the annoying one that just won’t let something go. For 30 minutes I get to see what it’s like to live with someone who can talk about their annoyance for 45 minutes straight - like me.

So, I decided to do something about it - I'll make my own. I dissected the sandwich to figure out the parts that aggravate him the most. Dry pork, weird paté and overly hard bread. Dry pork? Replace with braised tender Vietnamese Pork Belly. Weird paté? Well, my Cajun Pork Butter way outshines that. Add some of that amazing pork jerky that is heavenly, pickled veggies, fresh veggies, spicy chili garlic mayo and good bread and we have a winner. I know this Looks like a lot of work but most elements can be used in hundreds of other ways so it’s worth it. Your prize is a glorious sandwich that even picky Round Cajun Man approves of. 

Use the pork belly liquid as an au jus!

Use the pork belly liquid as an au jus!

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