Ramen Salad with Chicken & Chile Oil / When The Cats Away

Hi, this is Lucius, the photo half of PW&G. At the time of this writing, Jolie is in San Diego cooking for an event and we all wish her the best of luck - not that we think she needs it. 

Over the years both Jolie and I get opportunities that require us to leave the family for a week or two. I am not sure how it goes around here when I am gone but I can tell you about when she is gone - it is pretty boring. I am someone who can sit and work ( or fiddle-faddle) my day away and be fine. 3 days in and I realize I haven't left the house. Not once!

Now, having the kids around is a good way of checking myself. They have to eat (and not a ham sandwich, which I could live on.) So this week I cooked gumbo (which they ate twice so that is a good sign.) I cooked spaghetti and tacos and mac & cheese (box not scratch - who do you think I am.) Frozen pizza? YES! Ramen? I think the older girls ate some. They are kinda like mice at this age - you don't see them but you notice that they have been in the pantry. Over all they have been well fed and my soft-heartedness allowed them to slack on their choirs as well. I worked away editing a future radio show, blog posts, Instagram posts, my website, took some photos, mailed off some photo prints of mine, cut grass and tidied up the yard. Oh and feed and pet the dog. Everyone should be happy right? Well sorta, not really. 

See the driving force behind this family is Jolie. Her energy and zest for life is contagious. We all joke about not waking her up in the morning because once her feet hit the floor it is GO TIME! With that said she is an inspiration to us to live each day like our butts are on fire. Make the most of the time we have together because one day we wont be. We enjoy our time together - with each other. And when she is not around we become very, well...boring. 

So from me and the girls - We miss you. We love you and we can't wait for you to get home. 

On another note - this following recipe is amazing. But you probably already guessed that. 



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